3rd URBIO Advisory Board meeting October 9th 2012, Mumbai

Memorandum of the discussion on Agenda 1-5


1. CBO & Research Agenda

Thomas Elmqvist gave a short overview about the progress on the CBO I (more on CBO in paragraph 4 below). Oliver Hillel from the CBD had sent a message to the advisory board of URBIO and with his impulses the necessity of a research agenda was found. Essential results of this topic were fixed in the Mumbai Declaration URBIO 2012.

The decision was made to organize an URBIO workshop with the Advisory Board and CBO contributors before URBIO 2014 to discuss the research needs in urban biodiversity, ecosystem services and design. Time frame for the workshop shall be in front of the SURE conference in July 2013. The Headquarters will keep the members updated.


2. Publication of URBIO results

The advisory board discussed how the publication of presentations at the URBIO conferences could be done in future. Alternatives found were:

- Publications of single papers in different journals

- Special issues in a specific journal

- An own regular URBIO publication

The latter was favoured, because in contrary of specialised journals it would keep continuity in the URBIO work and could easily include all our disciplines of research, planning, design and management of the green environment.

To find a fitting solution a preliminary editorial board was set up, consisting of Charles Nilon (chief organiser publications), Haripriya Gundimeda (URBIO conference chair 2012), Norbert Müller and Glenn Stewart.


3. Preparation of URBIO2014

Prof. Dr. Tong Mahn AHN from the Dept. of Landscape Architecture & Rural Systems Engineering, Seoul National University, Korea has accepted to prepare URBIO 2014.

After discussion the main theme of the conference should be “Cities and Water”. Proposals for conference themes/sessions were:

- Stream restoration in urban areas

- Research agenda on urban biodiversity, ecosystem services and design

- Technology transfer and capacity building mechanisms for bio-efficient cities

- Urban resilience studies

Norbert Müller and Haripriya Gundimeda will hold the contact with Tong Mahn AHN on preparation of URBIO 2014.


4. Advisory board changes

President Norbert Müller expressed his deep gratitude to Mahito Kamada – Secretary General 2010-2012 – for his dedication to the URBIO Network. In the tradition of the network Haripriya Gundimeda was nominated as next Secretary General from 2012 -2014. In front of the Mumbai conference Norbert Müller had asked the recent Advisory Board who will able to continue the work and also for proposals for new members. He presented the following list, which was accepted by all:

Müller, Norbert (University of Applied Sciences Erfurt - Erfurt, Germany), organiser URBIO2008,
  President & Headquarters URBIO 2008-2014

Gundimeda, Haripriya (Indian Institute of Technology Bombay - Mumbai, India), organiser URBIO2012,
  Secretary General URBIO 2012-2014

Ahn, Tong Mahn (Seoul National University - Seoul, South Korea), organiser URBIO2014

Chan, Lena (National Biodiversity Centre - Singapore)

Cilliers, Sarel (North-West University - Potchefstroom, South Africa)

Elmqvist, Thomas (Stockholm University - Stockholm, Sweden)

Hillel, Oliver (Secretariat of CBD - Montreal, Canada)

Hostetler, Mark E. (University of Florida - Gainesville, USA)

Ignatieva, Maria (Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences - Uppsala, Sweden)

Kamada, Mahito (University of Tokushima - Tokushima, Japan), Secretary General URBIO 2010-2012

Maddox, David (Sound Science/The Nature of Cities - New York, USA),

MacGregor-Fors, Ian (Instituto de Ecología, A.C. - Xalapa, Mexico)

McDonnell, Mark (Australian Research Centre for Urban Ecology - Melbourne, Australia)

Morimoto, Yukihiro (Kyoto University - Kyoto, Japan), Organiser URBIO 2010

Nilon, Charles (University of Missouri - Columbia, USA)

Werner, Peter (Institute for Housing and Environment - Darmstadt, Germany), Organiser URBIO 2008

Pickard, Troy (Mayor of the City of Joondalup - Joondalup, Australia), ICLEI representative,
  represented in Mumbai by Russell Galt

Snep, Robbert (Urban-Rural Interactions Landscape Centre/Alterra - Wageningen, The Netherlands)

Stewart, Glenn (Lincoln University - Christchurch, New Zealand)

Zipperer, Wayne (USDA Forest Service - Gainesville, USA)

During the meeting further members were suggested for the advisory board, as well as other URBIO members showed interest and offered help.


5. Further development of URBIO network

Until December 2014 the German government is funding the scientific work of Norbert Müller at the URBIO headquarters in Erfurt. To continue the URBIO work after 2014 it will be necessary to get funds again. The future of the new seat of the URBIO headquarters and president will depend on which country will be able fund the URBIO work after 2014.