URBIO - Online Survey: Research Agenda for Urban Biodiversity, Ecosystem Services & Design

Voting closed on March 3rd, 2014. Thank you for your participation!

Part 1: Vote for Questions

Potential research priorities are phrased as research questions because that is how they may practically begin to be applied. Please feel free to add your own questions (use the box at the end of the table) - and tell us why at the next page.

Research Agenda Questions

Please vote for those five questions you consider most important!

Answer Votes
What is the social and economic value of conserving biodiversity and ecosystems? 34
What are the ecosystem services offered by a particular landscape? 26
What is the ecological pattern and processes of a given landscape? 8
How can ecosystems in a given city mitigate the vulnerability of cities in time of... 25
How can we integrate ecological design and tools into strategies for land use planning... 43
What should be the standards for greening across scales of land-use planning? 20
What are the drivers of biodiversity pattern and process? 11
What have climate protection strategies to offer in improving biodiversity strategies... 6
What ecological generalities can we make about the ability of organisms and communities... 3
What are the major ecological causes of the demise of organisms and communities in... 4
How can we alter the structure, composition and dynamics of cities to maintain viable... 31
What are the predictor variables for single city and multiple city studies? 5
How do we compare species composition across different cities – sprawl vs. compact?... 6
What are the threats to biodiversity and ecosystems in a given landscape? 3
What are the existing approaches to local planning, design and management? 5
Who are the stakeholders, organizations and institutions relevant to biodiversity... 3
How to set up a strategic policy to integrate biodiversity in the city? 34
In What ways Planning principle would be Useful in Fighting against Global Warming? 2
How to improve the appropriation of biodiversity policy by other actors of urban... 5
Which communication strategies and planning policies have the most impact in promoting... 4
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